10 February 2009


I should be leaving soon...my transport to the airfield is at 2:30 PM (an hour from now).  There are some low clouds moving in, but it looks like it should be okay for the flight - it is already on the way.  It's almost an hour out to the airfield, then it'll probably be at least an hour wait there while they unload the plane and get us on.  Then a 5 hour flight back to Christchurch.  With customs, returning clothing to the CDC, and a shuttle to the hotel, it will probably be midnight-ish before I'm back and settled for the night.  I have three days in Christchurch...tomorrow looks like a washout, so I will get my plans together for the following two days, and maybe go to a mall or something.  Friday I'd like to get to a cricket match, then a rugby match on Saturday.  Then I leave for the U.S. Sunday afternoon, getting back late Sunday night.  The same route on the way back - CHC to AKL to LAX to DFW to CMH.  

I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'll have in New Zealand.  I'll try to check in on here, but a total recap may wait until next week.  

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