15 January 2009

Pre-trip Briefing

Welcome to Frozen Daze.  This site will detail my travels to New Zealand and Antarctica during January-February 2009.  I find this an efficient way to keep my family and friends updated.  Anyways, this is my second trip to the ice.  I first went there in December 2006 - see the previous posts on this site for details of that trip.  

My functions on this trip will be similar to last time.  I will work with the weather forecasters at McMurdo station, while doing some of my own work along the way.  I'll write more about that later.  I am essentially on my own for this trip, but at least this time there will be some people I know there.  

I leave this Sunday...Columbus to Dallas-Ft. Worth to Los Angeles to Auckland to Christchurch.  After arriving in New Zealand on 20 January, I should have two days there to recover and get issued gear before hopefully leaving for Antarctica on 22 January.  Of course that all depends on the weather!  I will try to post either in New Zealand (if I have time and anything exciting happens) or once I get to McMurdo.  I will have about three weeks at McMurdo.  My tentative return to New Zealand is on 11 February, then returning to the U.S. on 15 February.  

Thanks for stopping by!


peter-usrt said...

Admittedly I don't think that I'll EVER get to Antarctica. This'll be an interesting blog to keep track of. Safe Travels Dan!

Ricky said...

why do you need to go to Antarctica, you can just come to Minneapolis - its just as cold!!! Maybe even colder! One of Thelma's friends is down there right now....don't know where though....have fun!

Sam said...

It's not even Antarctica anyway.. :p Thanks for letting me know this existed. I just finished reading up on your last trip. Take care Dan

GoBrewersGo said...

True, but there's a good chance I'll actually get onto the continent this time around!