23 November 2006


Thanks for stopping by. In the next couple weeks I'll post the details of travels to New Zealand and Antarctica.

I drove back to Grafton last Friday after a rough week of work. Had to scramble to get a paper re-submitted and to get other tasks accomplished before I left. My co-worker Ryan and his wife Andrea were kind enough to have me over for dinner Wednesday night. Ryan has been to Antarctica three times and gave me some good advice.

It's been a nice week back home. I went to the Wisconsin football game on Saturday with Brian. I was back in Madison Monday to meet with someone at UW regarding some software training. Last night I went to the Milwaukee Bucks game with my two brothers-in-law Dan and Mike, and nephew Jake. After gorging myself today, I leave Sunday afternoon on my trip. I go from Milwaukee to Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Auckland, then Christchurch, arriving late morning Tuesday.

Check back early next week for updates.

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